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My brother called his childhood friend our brother. Like nooo, I want(ed) to bone him. I destinctively remeber 9 year old me pushing my body on him in the pool at a friends house. *sigh

You should date a boy with money. Date a boy who doesn’t have a shrimp dick. Date a boy who spends his money on diamond jewelry instead of video games. Ask for a tiara on your second date. Date a boy with a car. Date a boy who had a personal butler when he was born. Date a boy with shitty grades and good looks. Date a boy you can easily manipulate. Date a boy who shops in Paris and dines in Hong Kong. Spend every weekend in a new city. Date a boy with a gold jacuzzi in his villa.  Date a boy who has excellent health insurance. Date a boy who can cater to your every whim. Date a boy with money.


Mahatma Gandhi

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she want it or nah
Anonyme asked:

don't you think your "boys in crop tops" tag needs more white guys?



i don’t think anything in the world needs more white guys



How cute was I in 10th grade?

The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.